You just got back from “off the grid” or by ill luck been on muddy roads in the countryside. Maybe you just don't like seeing the pet hairs in your car, the foul odor, or the mess the children made in the back seat. Maybe you just couldn't get your mind off the grime on your steering wheel, or you just want your car to be sparkling clean for the first time.

Whatever it is, If you want a clean car, you are our customer.

Allow us to pamper your car today and never drive a filthy car, again!


Who are we

Enroute Waterless Mobile Carwash is a Lehigh Valley Company, founded in New York 2016. Founder, Dwayne Henry, took his attention to detail and superb sense of cleanliness to fill a gap in the New York car detailing scene brought directly to your door. 

During a troublesome time after being laid off from his full-time job as a paramedic after 8 years of work, Dwayne decided to not let the struggles of life get him down. Instead, he took a calculated risk to start his own business with the money that came from his 401(k) fund as he dreamt it would give him the freedom to never be in the same position again

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Enroute Waterless Mobile Carwash

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