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Our Story

Dwayne Henry . Founder

 Established in NY on July 2016. Now expanding to Lehigh Valley region.  Enroute came into existence after founder  was laid off from his paramedic job of 8 years. With money from his 401k he decided not to invest in another retirement account but to take a calculated risk and start his own business. He remembers how his supervisors loves his attention to detail when ever he cleans the ambulances. Equip with this heighten sense of cleanliness and attention to details he turned to professional auto detailing. However, during the process, he encountered parking ticket problems. In NYC double parking is illegal and if get caught, that is a $145 fine at the time. He needed a vehicle that can park anywhere. The Smart car became the answer. But, that gave rise to another issue .Water tank and tools couldn’t be fitted inside the Smart. This led to a series of trials and failures. After 1 year he finally got it right and name it waterless mobile car wash. Now we provide excellent car detailing without the use of bulky tools and water. Our customers are amaze how we get their car so clean working out of a Smart car .It's been 3 years, over 295 customers  and over 127 five star reviews later. Seeing positive results like these motivates us to continue doing what we are good at. That is making our clients happy every time.


What We Do

Why You Need Us


You just got back from “off the grid” or by ill luck been on muddy roads in the countryside. Maybe you just don't like seeing the pet hairs in your car, the foul odor, or the mess the children made in the back seat. Maybe you just couldn't get your mind off the grime under your chassis, or you just want your car to be sparkling for a physical inspection. 

Whatever it is, If you want a clean car, you are our customer. 

Allow us to pamper your car today and never drive a filthy car, again! 

Get us to come to your car with all the care in the world. 

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